Group Introduction


 Two Concepts of Vehicle Design / R&D

1. Safety must always come first. We selected the safest Lithium Titanate Battery and adopted a Monocoque Type Chassis design with a cage-type body to ensure the overall strength integrity.

2. The Taiwanese supply chain is a must used to enhance international competitiveness. Therefore, Master Transportation chooses to self-develop, self-design, and self-manufacture all models of electric buses instead of being the agency of other countries' parent factories.

In addition, Master Transportation chose the fast charging system as the most suitable solution for the urban area. This method of using one charger for multiple buses reduces the land space demand for the urban area and greatly reduces the construction cost. The durability of the battery is also another critical point for Master Transportation. In addition to its excellent safety and the compatible use of fast charging, the LTO Lithium-Titanate Battery we use can be used as a power battery for ten years. Afterward, it can be used as an energy storage battery for another ten years. Our system can significantly reduce the problem of battery waste.

After the data collected during the trial operation in Chiayi City, our initial setting is entirely in line with the exemplary operation target. Our electric bus in Sanmen, Chiayi City, is equipped with 72 kWh of battery capacity, and it can run more than 170 kilometers a day with our fast-charging system. Also, 12 Meter Low-Floor Electric City Bus with two doors carrying 109 kWh of battery capacity was launched in New Taipei City and is expected to run more than 400 kilometers per day. The above data has repeatedly proved that Master Transportation’s contribution towards carbon reduction is significantly higher than other traditional slow charging buses and also shown the capability of providing the public with a safe and reliable journey.

Master Transportation Electric Bus’s Global Green Energy Demonstration Plant

To meet the global market demand, the Electric Bus Industrial Park, covering an area of 20 hectares, has been approved and is ready to be constructed in Changhua Erlin. The goal is to establish Taiwan as one of the main supply systems for electric buses globally, with an estimated annual manufacturing capacity of 10,000 KD units. The park will include an R/D Center, an automated Battery Module, an automatic Battery Pack Production Plant, an automated Beam Smart Manufacturing Center, a body chassis plant, an overseas delivery center, and other production facilities.

In line with the policy of net-zeroing transformation, plans will also be made for the new Erlin Plant, including the introduction of green energy equipment, automation of systems, selection of recycled materials, and other carbon reduction measurements. Also, the plant will implement autonomous monitoring of Energy Consumption Hotspots and make improvements. This factory will not only serve as a global R&D Center but also become a "Green Energy Pilot Plant." While Master Transportation actively expands overseas markets, this business model will be replicated in overseas assembly plants.