Two-way communication synchronizes the information of vehicles and fleet operators, and it collects vehicle and driving data through the onboard system for analysis, sensing, vehicle location tracking, real-time monitoring, and other technologies. It also enables fleet operators to effectively grasp the latest vehicle information, significantly improving fleet operation efficiency and safety, reducing management costs, and assisting profitable growth.



 Vehicle Real-Time Status displays the real-time general information of the vehicle, including the remaining power, voltage, average motor speed, temperature, etc. Also, using Vehicle Real-Time Status allows fleet operators to effectively monitor the vehicle status through GPS location tracking, the coordinate of the bus, and bus speed.



 Bus Battery Data


 Vehicle Battery Information provides information about battery capacity, remaining battery capacity, and battery cell environmental status to improve vehicle safety. Effective battery status monitoring can also help master actual data for future engineering R&D progress.





The temperature display of the vehicle motor and auxiliary systems enables the backhand management center and the driver to find problems in advance and eliminate them effectively.