Master Partners with Ryobi Group to Expand Electric Bus Market in Japan

Master and Ryobi Group Sign Memorandum of Understanding for Cooperation

On November 1st, the Taiwan Electric Bus National Team, Master Transportation, signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Ryobi Group of Japan. The two parties will collaborate to explore the Japanese electric bus market, enhancing technical expertise and sales capabilities in various aspects of the business. The initial collaborative goals include establishing a fast-charging electric bus pilot fleet on Ryobi’s existing bus routes, providing electric bus shuttle services at airports, and catering to the electric bus transportation needs of the 2025 Osaka Expo. By 2025, Master aims to sell one thousand fast-charging electric buses in Japan through Ryobi, creating business opportunities exceeding tens of billions.

In alignment with government policies promoting this initiative, after the signing of the MOU between Master and Ryobi Group, Master will designate Ryobi as the exclusive distributor to sell its electric bus products in Japan. Ryobi will also be responsible for providing after-sales and technical services, including maintenance. The signing ceremony took place on the afternoon of November 1st at the Sheraton Hotel in Taipei. Ryobi Holdings Co. Ltd. was represented by Chairman, Mr. Kojima Mitsunobu and Executive Director Naoto Kiuchi, among eight other representatives. Chairman Wu Ting-fa personally signed the contract on behalf of Master Transportation Bus Manufacturing Ltd. Minister of Economic Affairs(MOEA) Wang Mei-hua, Political Deputy Minister of Transportation and Communications(MOTC), Chen Yan-po, Director-General of the Highway Bureau, Chen Wen-jui, and Director-General of Department of Public Transportation and Supervision, Lin Fu-shan were present to witness this significant Taiwan-Japan collaborative signing ceremony, marking a substantial step forward in sustainable industry cooperation between the two nations.
Ryobi Group currently operates various transportation services, including intercity shared high-speed buses between Okayama (岡山市) and Hiroshima (広島市), Limousine buses to Okayama and Hiroshima airports, taxis in Tokyo, Okayama, Hiroshima, and Onomichi (尾道市) areas, trams in Okayama city, the famous WakaYama (和歌山) subway known for its cat stationmaster, ferries, and sightseeing boats centered around the Seto Inland Sea, as well as high-speed ferries connecting Chubu International Airport (中部国際空港) and Tsu, Mie city (三重津市). Their commitment is to provide passengers with pleasant and user-friendly vehicles and vessels, ensuring a safe and comfortable travel experience.