International Journalists Visit Master Depot during National Day Activities

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs' "Journalists from English-speaking Diplomatic Relations Countries" visited the electric bus Wugu depot of Master Transportation during their participation in the Taiwan National Day activities. The visit on the 13th was accompanied by the Department of International Information Services of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA). Chairman of Master, Wu Ting-fa personally received the delegation. The journalists came from seven countries: the United States, Japan, Australia, Switzerland, Sweden, Tuvalu, and Ecuador. Master put emphasis on the transition to net-zero emissions, presenting a comprehensive global solution for fast-charging electric buses and working towards the goal of achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

To welcome the international journalist delegation, Master showcased an electric bus adorned with the national flags of the visiting countries, and the journalists took a group photo in front of their respective national flags.

During the visit, the delegation had the opportunity to experience a test ride on Master's 12-meter low-floor double-door electric bus.

Chairman Wu Ting-fa stated that Master Transportation is not only an electric bus manufacturing plant but also benefits from the extensive electric bus operation experience and backend data support provided by its affiliated company, Kuo-Kuang Motor Transportation Company Ltd. In addition, All Star PIT.'s expertise in electric bus maintenance and Emma Vehicle's complete parts supply form a comprehensive solution for electric buses.

Master Transportation aims to transfer Taiwan's mature electric bus technology and fast-charging capabilities to overseas production. Simultaneously, the company seeks to introduce Taiwan's comprehensive fleet management system, intelligent transportation system, intelligent bus stop, as well as mobile app for real-time bus queries to countries around the world.

The journalists in the delegation came from various media outlets, including Chicago News, Village News and Southwest News, Tuvalu Broadcasting Corporation (TVBC), The Daily Telegraph, Sankei Shimbun, Nerikes Allehanda, Tages Anzeiger, and La Posta from Ecuador.

Starting from the Left: Mr. Erik Monte Unger from Chicago News, Mr. Kuwamura Tomo from Sankei Shimbun and Mr. Bradley Claude Clifton from The Daily Telegraph.

Starting from the Right: Ms. Katherine Fairlight Tong from Village News and Southwest News, Ms. Lisette Vailima Elisala from TVBC and Mr. Bradley Claude Clifton from The Daily Telegraph.

Starting from the Left: Mr. Vincenzo Capodici from Tages Anzeiger, Ms. Mónica Gisella Velásquez Villacís from La Posta, and the Founder of La Posta, Mr. Andersson Boscán.

Mr. Lars Ströman from Nerikes Allehanda.

Chairman Wu Ting-fa presented a souvenir to the international journalist delegation.