Master Transportation Signed 70 Million USD Syndicated Loan Agreement Coordinated by Hua Nan Bank

Master Transportation appointed Hua Nan Bank to coordinate the syndicated loan of 2.184 billion NTD (70 Million USD) for the construction in Erlin Science Park. On the 31st, the syndicated loan agreement was signed by Huang Chun-chih, President of Hua Nan Bank (front row, third from the left), and Wu Ting-fa, Chairman of Master Transportation (front row, fourth from the left), along with nine participating banks.

Coordinated by Hua Nan Bank, a syndicated loan agreement of 2.184 billion NTD (70 Million USD) for Master' Green Energy Project was successfully signed on January 31st. The funds will be used for the construction of Master’s Electric Bus Industrial Park and material purchases. In addition to the arranger Hua Nan Bank, nine other banks, including Land Bank, Bank of Kaohsiung, Taipei Fubon Bank, First Commercial Bank, Shanghai Commercial Bank, Bank of Panshin, Chang Hwa Bank, and etc., participated in the agreement. The banking consortium strongly acknowledges and approves of the operational performance and future development of Master, demonstrating concrete support for industries that comply with national policies of green energy and sustainability.

Founded in 2003, Master Transportation initially manufacturing diesel buses before transitioning to producing electric buses. Their vehicles adopt LTO lithium-titanate batteries, offering excellent safety and suitability for fast charging, with retired batteries usable as energy storage for an additional decade, aligning well with current environmental trends.

Furthermore, their electric bus models meet 10 localization goals set by the government, positioning them as a member of Taiwan's electric bus national team. To meet domestic and international demands, Master Transportation is now establishing its area in Erlin Science Park. In line with the policy of transitioning to net-zero emissions, the company will implement carbon reduction measures such as introducing green energy equipment, automation systems, and selecting recycled materials. The facility will serve as a global research and development center and be designated as a "Green Energy Demonstration Park." Master Transportation aims to leverage MIT(Made in Taiwan)'s high manufacturing quality to become a major supplier in the global electric bus supply chain.

Hua Nan Bank has always been actively supporting environmental sustainability. In this case, ESG criteria have been incorporated into the credit conditions, encouraging companies to follow sustainable development principles through standards such as energy conservation, carbon reduction, water conservation, and the construction of green energy facilities. In 2023, Hua Nan Bank undertook green or sustainable-related syndicated loans totaling over 76.3 billion NTD (2.4 billion USD), continuing to lead the industry in participating in green and sustainable finance.