Moving Towards Low-Carbon Transportation, Metropolitan Transport Purchases 56 Electric Buses from Master

Capital Bus Group, which has the largest transportation volume in the industry in Taiwan, announced on the 18th that its Metropolitan Transport Corporation has introduced 56 electric buses from Master to Dunhua Main Line and Route 685.

Capital Bus Group now has the biggest operating scale in the industry, with Capital Bus, Taipei Bus, Metropolitan Passenger Transport, San Chung Bus and Taichung Bus as subsidiaries. Chairman Lee Chien-wen stated that there are currently 4,000 buses in Taiwan, 500 of which have been replaced by electric buses, with Master as the main supplier. In the coming years, the number of buses will be replaced at a rate of 1,200 units per year, in line with the Taiwanese government's goal of fully electrifying buses by 2030.
Metropolitan Transport Corporation Chairman, Lee Chien-wen (Left) and Chairwoman of Master’s domestic distribution company, Yu Li-ching (Right)

Lee Chien-wen approves that Master excels in both design and manufacturing of electric buses, with features such as ADAS and Blind Spot Information System to ensure safety from all angles, easing the workload of drivers. Additionally, there is exclusive space for two wheelchairs and strollers, demonstrating a human-centric design.

Currently, each domestically produced electric bus costs at least ten million NTD (0.32 million USD), with public transportation operators receiving a subsidy of 3.7 million NTD (0.12 million USD) and the possibility of an additional 1.6 million NTD (50 Thousand USD) subsidy within four years. Lee Chien-wen openly admits the heavy financial burden and hopes for more subsidies while urging banks to provide green loans. He reveals that, for safety and space-saving considerations, the buses from Master adopts fast charging and CCS1 charging interface, enabling a recharge from 20% to 80% in only 15 minutes.
Yu Li-ching (Fourth from the left) represents Master Transportation to congratulate the Metropolitan Transport’s successful operation of electric buses and takes a photo with its Chairman Lee Chien-wen (Third from the right) and the drivers.

Master Transportation is a member in Taiwan's electric bus national team, and with support from clients, it is projected to deliver 900 units of buses this year. Coupled with export sales, the company anticipates achieving significant revenue growth this year.